Holly’s third Children of Fate rehearsal blog

So here we are in Week 3, our final week of rehearsals. The time’s gone terrifyingly quickly, but we’re right on track and raring to go, luckily it seems that most of the company have managed to dodge the disgusting cold I had last week, which just goes to show what fantastic, tough, durable people we’ve got on board, in the words of Siân Reese-Williams, “I can work with anything”!

Yesterday we welcomed the arrival of a couple more props. Our long awaited oil drum rolled onto set, and we’re expecting a couple of deliveries from a soviet army surplus shop in Bulgaria over the next couple of days.

I trekked over to Euston to meet our designer Gillian Argo and to complete the last leg of our set’s journey from the far flung lands of Glasgow. The actors got to try on their first bits of costume and Gillian’s revved up for an exciting tour around the charity shops and car boots of London to pick up the last few bits that we need.

Our trailer is in the final stages of editing and will be up on the website within the next few days and tomorrow Siân and a few of the other members of the crew are heading to Peckham Academy for a Q&A. In the meantime check out Julia Tarnoky’s interview  in Polari magazine… http://www.polarimagazine.com/interviews/children-fate/

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