Holly’s second Children of Fate rehearsal blog

Week 2 of Children of Fate rehearsals and we’re well on track. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to rehearse in our performance space at The Bussey Building for the two weeks before we open, and just as lucky to make a few friends in the surrounding buildings in order to borrow a few props. Thanks to the mind-boggling memories of our four talented actors we’re working largely off book now, and it’s all starting to get pretty exciting!

Yesterday two lovely gents from Adlib-Film (track them down on twitter, @Adlibfilm) popped in to film a sneaky peek of us at work. A slightly terrifying ‘interview room’ was set up in the kitchen and no-one escaped being mic’d up and interrogated, (I discovered that my ‘camera voice’ is about five octaves lower than my usual one). The film will be posted up on our website next week so keep an eye out!

The script has been sent off to the publishers at Oberon. Tea consumption is high as ever, biscuits have faded out in favour of healthy snacks… we’re very proud of ourselves.

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