Holly’s first Children of Fate rehearsal blog

This week marked the first week of rehearsals for ‘Children of Fate’. It’s been an exciting week meeting our four fantastic actors, Dan, Offue, Siân and Julia, getting to know the script and making our way through more than a few cups of tea and packs of biscuits in the process.

Our marvellous designer Giggy unveiled her final design for the set on Monday and it’ll be really exciting to see the full scale version in The Bussey Building in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, the whole company have been keeping their eyes peeled for props and costumes, including a few trips to charity shops and an item or two that we’ve stumbled upon by chance…or should I say ‘fate’.

We’re now at day 4, and it’s been wonderful to see the characters start to jump off the page and into the rehearsal room, already there have been a few surprising twists and turns as we start discovering new personality quirks and hidden secrets within the lines, I imagine that the next couple of weeks may have a few more surprises in store.

Next week is set to be equally as busy, with Siân popping into a school to talk to some local students and an interview with Julia to be published in Polari magazine. We’ll also be releasing our teaser trailer and be giving you a sneak video peak into our rehearsals, so watch this space!

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