Children of Fate receives fantastic audience feedback

Here are some of the brilliant comments our audiences have made about Children of Fate – even the occasional criticism, as you might expect.  Check it out.

“Good entertainment”
“Short, yet thought provoking. You won’t see plays like this in mainstream theatres.”
“Beautifully acted, very moving with a very intimate setting.”
“very strong compelling performances. has made me want to check out everything at the Bussey Building.”
“Great storyline, top characters,”
“liked it”
“Good venue, well acted, effective set. Liked the politics, but found the plot a little thin.”
“I did not get it.”
“dramatic, good actors”
“The advertising was misleading not clearly about Pinochet or Chile no mention whatsoever of Maggie thatcher” [!!!]
“thought provoking, captivating”
“it was ok, good value for money! :)”
“It was interesting. I thought the lead actress was brilliant and very realistic”
“Thought-provoking subject matter & well acted in very close proximity to the audience! Nice to discover this new venue which was interesting & “avant garde”, and which was warm & comfortable for the audience.”
“Amazingly bad! They kept remembering themselves never engaged into their roles even a bit!”
“Good, but not exactly my cup of tea”
“Enjoyed it”
“Very good acting – tough and gritty. Obviously difficult and deep topic, well handled, but a bit dour.”
“a bit boring”
“Very good”
“good, quite strong language”
“well acted and thought provoking.”
“Polemical agitprop theatre”
“Interesting play, well acted, some repetitive dialogue. We enjoyed it”
“It was interesting and well executed.”
“Made me curious about the original play.”
“It gave me something to think about, life, death.. Good underlying message”
“Nice venue”
“I want some more tickets”
“I don’t know that it works so well in English..”
“Really quirky unusual theatre. A discovery”
“Very good acting!!!”
“reminds me of my job”
“I should have bought a programme to understand the context.”
“Good effort by the company but don’t understand why they wanted to do this play”
“After the show, I was invited to stay for the remainder of the bands playing downstairs, which again was an interesting experience.”
“it was quiet good movie” [!!!]
“bad acting”

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