Alice blogs about the first Happy New rehearsals

If you have found yourself reading this then you may be doing so for a number of good reasons. You may be a frequent visitor of the Inside Intelligence website and of previous productions. You may have only recently heard of us and took some time to find more out about us. You may have no particular reason at all…

Well, whether you are a seasoned guest or have freshly sprung among us, as indeed I have myself only a few months ago, let me introduce myself and the team and tell you who we are and what we are currently doing.

My name is Alice, I am the assistant director to Robert Shaw, who, as you perhaps are aware of, is the founder and director of Inside Intelligence. Robert, and his ever-industrious producer Chris Foxon, have given me the opportunity to take you on the journey of the making of our current production, Happy New, through the means of this blog. Australian actor, director, producer, author and playwright Brendan Cowell, who had previously been nominated for a BAFTA award for The Slap, wrote the play.

Happy New stars Lisa Dillon, Joel Samuels and William Troughton and rehearsals only started a few days ago.

We are welcomed in the wonderful establishment of the F H Space, which finds itself at the heart of this gem of a community. It is surrounded by other artists’ spaces, neighbours hosting grill parties on the street on bank holidays, and opposite a building site, which must be subjugated by the, perhaps most diligent, and certainly the friendliest builders London has to offer.

The scripts still feel new and shiny, although that state is receding fast, as do the flyers and posters that have only arrived yesterday, giving the production another addition to the physical shape it is gradually growing into.

And of course, the arrival of the rubber chicken head has been a climactic moment.  But, more about that later – for now, keep your eyes peeled…

If we have infused your interest a little, do come back in the next few days and read more about our achievements.

There are more team members to introduce and more highlights to tell…

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